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Dog Fences can be a simple wire mesh fence to keep dogs away from other people’s properties

A pet fence is a wire that is used as a boundary around the property so that animals or pets don’t stray outside the boundary and remain within the property itself. The Dog fence originated in Australia in 1880 to keep dingoes or wild dogs away from the farm lands, so that they don’t get violent with the livestock, rabbits, emus and other animals on the property. In modern times the need for a Pet fence has become inevitable so that pets don’t wander away onto other people’s properties inconveniencing the neighbors.

Initially, pet fences which were used were mostly wire mesh fences which were attached together by placing four posts in the ground and installing a gate so as to facilitate entry into the fence. The advantage of the wire fence is that the height of the fence can be adjusted depending on the size of the dog or pet. Most pets which are trained will not jump over the fence and will remain within the boundaries of the fence itself.

[caption id="attachment_1697" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dog fence Beware of Dog"]dog fence beware of dog[/caption]

Pet fences or Dog Fences can be a simple wire mesh fence which is surrounding the entire boundary of the building or can be a small stretch that is wired so that the dog or pet can move around inside it. Some pet fences are chain linked and are the most common. These are found in many kennels and homes today. It consists of diamond shaped wire gauze, which is very hard to tamper with and it is agreeable with zoning laws. However, the pets can easily become irritated in a chain linked fence. Spiral rail fence is a better design for a Dog Fence and is included in many architectural designs these days.

The other types of conventional Pet fences are picket fence, farm fence and snow fence. Besides these the new-age fences are the hybrid fences, which are hidden and are best suited for those who do not want to change the facade of their houses. They serve the same purpose as a conventional fence does. The only difference being that they are fixed deep in the ground along the boundary of the house. If the pet attempts to jump the fence it gives a little shock to the pet who is wearing a collar with fence sensors. They are not very expensive to install as compared to some of the other fences and help serve the same purpose in a better way.

Photo source:troubadourphotos.blogspot.com