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Avoid the Animal ER this Holiday

Tips for avoiding any dog injuries this holiday season

[caption id="attachment_350" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Christmas trees can also prove hazardous to dogs"]christmas dog injuries hazardous[/caption]

All dog owners need to keep in mind the potential hazards that commonly take place during the holiday season, according to Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center of Kansas City. Every holiday season VSEC sees a rise in the number of emergency patients presented for having ingested such harmful items as decorations, toys and toxic foods commonly found around the home.

“It is only natural that our pets, as a member of the family, also join in on our holiday parties and gatherings,” says Dr. Jeff Dennis, DVM, ACVIM, an internist with Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services of Kansas City. “People forget how inquisitive dogs and cats can be. Our four-legged best friends are intrigued by the shiny decorations and smelly treats traditionally found during this time of year.”

Dr. Dennis recommends the following precautions for pet owners this holiday season:

Chocolate in sufficient quantities can be quite toxic to dogs. See our dog chocolate poisoning

Christmas trees can also prove hazardous to dogs. Dogs can suffer severe burns from chewing on the electrical cords and can also get hurt from falling Christmas trees. This is very common among puppies, to want to pull on the tree, so make sure you keep a good eye on all dogs around the tree!

Beware of the damaging effects holiday plants can have on your pets if ingested. Poinsettias can cause mild irritation but mistletoe, daffodil, lilies and amaryllis bulbs are extremely toxic and can be a serious threat to your pet’s health if you do not seek immediate veterinary attention.