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Regulate dog kennel temperature

There are several things you can do to help regulate the temperature inside your dog kennel, no matter what season it is.

Kennel Placement

One of the first things to consider is your dog houses location in the yard. You don’t want your dog house to get too hot in the mid-day sun as that can make your dog too hot. If your dog pen is going to be located in a permanent spot you will need to make sure that the afternoon sun does not beat down on the roof top so place it where it gets shade in the afternoon or at the time when the sun is the hottest.

If you reside in a cold area, or where you get a lot of rain or snow, make sure that your dog house is positioned so that the cold rain or snow cant get into the kennel. This may mean that the entrance of the dog house needs to face away from the direction most of the wind or rain comes from. You can also have the entrance face a fence or a wall, though make sure you leave plenty of space between the pen door and the fence to get around easily. While it may not be the most scenic to see the side or the back of the dog house, rather than the front, it is more important to shelter your dog from temperature extremes.

Some people find it is simplest to purchase a portable pen that they are able to shift around. This can change location depending on what the weather is like each day, or even be moved around with seasonal changes in temperature. Perhaps in the winter you would prefer your kennel to get lots of sunshine, so that it can be warmed up, but in summer you would like to reposition it in a cooler location. You can simply do that if your pen is portable.

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Painting Your Dog Pen

A very simple trick is to paint your dog kennel according to whether you want to absorb heat, or reflect it. If you live in a colder climate, you might want to paint your dog kennel a dark color so that the heat rays are absorbed into the wood or material and thus heat up the pen. Or you can use dark stained wood on the outside. This will very effectively warm up the dog house whenever the sun is shining. If you want to keep the kennel cool then you would be better off painting it with a white or light colored paint that would deflect the suns rays, thus keeping the temperature inside the dog house down.

Flooring also makes a difference

The type of flooring your dog kennel and run has can make a tremendous of difference also in how warm, or how cool your dog remains when in his dog house. An elevated floor, up off the cold ground, especially one made of wood can help keep the kennel warm and cosy. Concrete flooring can get very cold in the winter too, so be careful about laying cement flooring if you live in a cold area. If you do have to lay cement, make sure to supply your pet dog with some comfortable warm mats to rest on so that he can stay warm throughout the cold winter months.

Photo source:puppyfast.blogspot.com