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Keep your dogs busy and out of trouble choose the best toys

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How does your dog entertain himself when you are out? Does he whine, bark continuously, chew on your furniture, or scratches your walls? This is a sign of boredom or at worse, separation anxiety. Some good toys may be just your answer!

How do you choose the best toys for your dog? We have some suggestions for selecting the best toys for your dog!

What are the things you need to consider in buying dog toys?

  1. Your dog’s size – Small toys may choke your big dog. If you have a small dog however, big toys may be uncomfortable.
  2. What is fun for your dog – If your dog loves a fetch game, you might choose a toy that you can throw to distance without breaking.
  3. Durability of the toy – If you buy a toy that breaks easily, choking is another possibility.
  4. Ease in cleaning – of course, you do not want your dog to catch allergens or dirt that may cause itchiness. Thus, you need to clean his toy as often. Try not to buy dog toys that are not easily cleaned.
  5. Safety – find reputable dog toy manufacturers and buy from there. This is to ensure that your dog will not be subjected to chemicals that may be harmful to him.

Dog toy added benefits

  1. Durable chew toys are designed to entertain your dog. In addition, there are chew toys that will help clean their teeth and make it stronger. Dental health is likewise managed because of these toys.
  2. Fruity smells, lights and noise makers are fun toys for an active dog. If your dog loves to fetch, toys with lights, attractive colors and makes noise are helpful. It increases his alertness and it is fun for him.

Things you need to avoid in dog toys

  1. Avoid tugging toys; this is because your dog may think that you enjoy tugging. If he is bored, he may tug on your legs, your trousers, and even the curtain.
  2. Avoid strings or plastics that may break if he chews. If the broken parts enter his digestive system, it may wreak havoc and may even be fatal for puppies.

As far as your dog is concerned, you are his most treasured companion. The best toy therefore for your dog is a toy that will make him enjoy his time with you. Interactive toys where you may be the one to throw or a ball that will make you wrestle with him may be the best if that is what you enjoy doing together.

Of course, you will tell me that you are buying toys to allow your dog to entertain himself; however, your dog may need some time to adjust from being your constant playmate to playing alone. Give him time to adjust and he will surely become independent. This will therefore avoid problems like separation anxiety.

Choosing the best toy could be tedious, but then surely it will be worth it.

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