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The five essential commands in dog-training

Every time I read a dog training book these days, it seems like I learn something new or find out a new strategy, command, tool, toy, schedule, piece of advice, etc, etc, etc… When I first started researching dog training techniques and found the incredibly huge wealth of information out there regarding dog training, I got a bit nervous. Would I really have to read all that stuff and figure out how to interpret all that mambo-jumbo before I was able to successfully train my dogs?

And it wasn’t just the amount of information available on dog training that was the problem. It seems like every single dog trainer out there has opposing ideas, techniques, and philosophies about dog training. Literally every book, website, and brochure I read would say something to contradict the one before.

Needless to say, I had very little success with my dog training at first because I was always adjusting my strategies, and was not consistent. Perhaps you are currently (or have recently been) in the same situation.

After three long years of this with my two dogs, I finally decided to look once and for all for an answer. I was tired of poring over dog books and reading every “latest and greatest” training theory. I decided to contact someone who I knew would be able to give me a straight and real answer – something that actually works.

So, I talked to a professional dog trainer named Paula who hass been working with dogs for over twenty-five years. I knew that if anybody could help me, it would be her, since she has to have been doing something right this whole time!

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The Formula

What I learned from her was really amazing to me, and it really lifted a big weight off my shoulders. I have always considered dog training to be a mysterious, difficult process and until I spoke with my life-saver friend Paula, I thought that while I might be capable of training my pups to do simple things like “sit”, I would never be able to train them to the level that the pros do. But when I spoke to Paula about my problem, she was kind enough to spell out the entire process of dog training. (And it didn’t take that long, believe me– its a lot simpler than I expected.)

Paula told me this: there are five essential “pillars” involved in dog-training. Once you’ve mastered these five pillars with your dog, you can train him to do anything and everything. I dont know about you, but hearing that I could successfully train my dog with only five commands made me feel a little bit better.

And what are those 5 commands?

This is the list of obedience pillars that Paula spelled out for me: “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, “Come”, and “Heel”. Once your dog knows these commands, you’ve formed the foundation on which any other training can be built.

Now if you know exactly how to accomplish this training with your dog, then you have no reason to listen to me any more and I hope you enjoyed reading this report. But if you’re not completely sure what your first step should be or how to instill these commands, you’re not alone.

To learn how to successfully train your dog to perform these commands, and how to use them to build your dogs obedience foundation in order to train him for bigger and better things, you’ll need a little guidance just like I did.

Photo source:dogfocus.blogspot.com