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Obedience instruction has become more accessible to common people with the publication of the Diane Bauman’s guide Beyond Basic Dog Training. This book is a door open towards the secrets of an entire training philosophy, and it has been successfully used even for the preparation for canine competitions. Beyond Basic Dog Training helps you understand the principles and patterns on which dogs learn, which is in fact a dual system of trial and error. With Beyond Basic Dog Training you will learn to apply corrections in a positive way, teaching your canine friend not to fear failure.

As Diane Bauman proves in Beyond Basic Dog Training, for a successful program you have to understand that from the two elements involved in the equation, both are thinking. There is the “thinking handler” in charge of the “thinking dog”, so don’t ignore you’re pet’s “feelings”, on the contrary stick to an effective development of the communication level. With Beyond Basic Dog Training you will come to achieve more than obedient behavioral patterns, you will understand your dog and learn to respect and listen to its needs. We’re talking about security, trust and confidence and lots of fun too.

With a guide such as Beyond Basic Dog Training you can have fun entertaining classes with your dog in the comfort of your home. At least you’re 100% sure of the methods used, since you are in perfect trust. With Beyond Basic Dog Training you’ll turn your dog into a great companion; therefore it is very good for puppies to benefit from a fast and very humane way of teaching. It is perhaps the time now to answer a simple question: why would anyone go beyond basic dog training? Simple methods will only leave the training process at a minimal level exploiting the specific animal drives as much as possible.

Going beyond basic dog training, means getting to understand the more complex structures that make your dog what it really is; you come to appreciate a wagging tail more than you would have done before. Books such as Beyond Basic Dog Training may prove to be the right choice and the best source of information for reinforcing man-animal friendship. Being able to see your dog succeed in performing complex tasks is the reward of every owner and amateur trainer.

[caption id="attachment_1710" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Service Dog"]service dog[/caption]

Dog training: the process of teaching a dog (Canis lupus familiaris) to perform certain actions in response to certain commands which the dog is trained to understand. It is a general term which does not, by itself, describe what or how the dog is taught. There are many methods and objectives of training.

Dogs may be trained to:

  • follow obedience commands (part of obedience training)

    [caption id="attachment_1711" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Guide dog to lead the blind"]guide dog lead blind[/caption]

  • perform tricks casually or for circus acts
  • be a guide dog to lead the blind
  • be a rescue dog to find victims of a disaster
  • be a hunting dog to aid in hunting
  • aid in herding, tracking, and retrieving
  • follow agility commands
  • serve as a guard animal

As pack animals, wild dogs have natural instincts that favor cooperation with their fellow dogs. Many domestic dogs, either through instinct or breeding, can correctly interpret and respond to signals given by a human handler.

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