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Most basic dog trick is the handshake trick

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Sometimes, dog training isn’t all about getting your dog to obey you. Dog training can be for the purpose of catching good old fun. Some dog owners teach their dogs how to carry out certain tricks for different reasons. Its not uncommon to see dogs in the circus delighting thousands of human beings with their tricks. Some dog owners teach their dogs tricks strictly to entertain guests who come to the house or to earn an income. A dog that can turn a trick or two is bound to induce a happy viewer to pull out a couple of dollar bills.

Dog tricks are of various kinds. You can teach dog complex tricks such as jumping through hoops of fire or stick to simple tricks such as shaking hands. A dog that can shake your hand brings a grin of delight on your face. If you are teaching your dog any tricks, you should certify that it is fun process. If you turn the trick learning process for your dog into a military chore, your dog wont derive an iota of joy learning them. On the contrary, it will probably rebel against learning them.

The most basic dog tricks you can teach your dog is the handshake trick. You can teach your dog the handshake trick by making it sit in front of you and lifting its paw gently to shake. After you do this, reward the dog. With time, simply stretching your hand towards your dog will induce it to put its paw into your palm. The handshake trick is pretty easy for your dog to learn.

You can also teach your dog the carry trick. This enables your dog to carry your bags or your things in its mouth. It can be a delight to watch your dog trotting across the parking lot with your handbag in its mouth. Some owners teach their dogs to sit down on their hind legs and raise their front paws high in the air.

Generally, most dog owners love it when their dogs are able to carry out their one trick or the other because it only endears their dogs to them.

The key to raising a healthy obedient puppy is consistency. The more you are consistent and firm with the things you want your dog to learn, the more well behaved it becomes. If you are too flexible during the training sessions for your dog, you may end up confusing it.