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Things to keep in mind when traveling with dogs

There are several places now that are allowing pet owners to bring their pets. More and more cities are showing an interest in allowing people traveling with dogs. We often hate to leave on vacation without a member of our family and we all know that despite the fact that they are dogs they are a part of the family.

[caption id="attachment_1191" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Traveling with dogs"]traveling dog dachshund[/caption]

Seeing their sad faces as we leave the house is very discouraging and it is nice to see many places opening up to having pets in their buildings. Making sure we keep it that way is also important so here are a few things to keep in mind when traveling with dogs.

1. Make sure you dog is well trained and listens to your commands: The worst thing to have happen is to have a dog on vacation and be asked to leave because they are not obeying you.

2. Make sure your dog is used to travel: Just because you are ready to travel doesn’t mean they are. If you are not sure take them out in a moving vehicle to see how they react. If they are not comfortable plan to take them on short trips for as often as necessary before you go on the big trip. This will give your pet time to prepare. They can get scared just like you!

3. Make sure you have the proper tools to remove droppings while away: if you use a scoop and doggie bags ensure that you have them on hand while traveling and that you have enough. Also make sure that there are places to stop on the trip to allow them to use the bathroom.

4. Bring things your pet enjoys can help keep them calm while traveling: Making sure that you’re pet has his favorite bone or toy may help calm them on the journey. If you are traveling long distances your pet can get anxious and may need some distraction.

5. Trying to stop often so they can stretch their legs: if you have to travel far you might think about stopping for a few hours to help them stretch their legs and get out of the vehicle a bit. A good 30 minutes to an hour of exercise can do them well on a long journey.

Useful Things To Have When Traveling With Dogs

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Photo source: dogs.lovetoknow.com