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Tips traveling dogs by auto

Traveling with dogs by auto can be fun or stressful. It all depends on your organizational abilities, flexibility and sense of humor. Traveling by car is probably the easiest way to go when you decide to take your dog along. You can decide how you want to accommodate him.

This is an exciting event for many dogs, so expect your puppy to be hyped and ready to go.

There are of course considerations to plan for when taking your best friend safety, sleeping arrangements (his best dog bed), food, as well as additional aides and supplies to pack.

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Things to do Before leaving on a Auto Trip with Your Dog

Have your pet washed and groomed, this will keep dog odor and shedding to a minimum. Your dog will be going in and out of the car so the use of a dog car seat cover is ideal to keep your seats clean. and free from soiling. Bring a watertight bowl, food and snacks. Pack some security toys, and a ball or Frisbee for playing at parks. Update your ID tag, license and vaccinations.

A travel crate that folds and/or a comfortable dog bed or blanket that smells of home are ideal when you arrive at your destination. The crate will allow you to leave your dog alone if need be unless your dog is predisposed to barking, accidents, or separation anxiety.

If travel sickness is a problem, discuss the possibility of medication with your vet.

While traveling with dogs in a vehicle your dog should be secured. There are several options, a dog crate, a dog car barrier, a dog car seat, seat belt or harness. Crates are a cozy, comfortable place for your dogs to travel but it does require your pup to be separated from you during the trip which may change the experience for you and your dog. This is also true with a car barrier with a nice padded bed, again your pet is separated from the family. There are plenty of comfortable and safe car seats, seat belts and harnesses on the market to accommodate your buddy which will allow your doggy to sit, stand, lie down and look at the view. The method you choose will also depend on the size of your dog and the type of vehicle you are traveling in.

While Traveling with Dogs Do Not…

(1) Allow your dog to hang his head out the window while you are driving. As much joy as he finds from this activity, it is too easy for flying debris to injure and an eye or ear or worse yet your pet could fall out the window.

(2) Have your dog in the front where air bags could cause your dog injury; the back seat is the best place for him.

(3) Never leave your dog alone in a hot car, even for a minute.


(1) Stop every 2 hours to stretch a little, food (not too much), to relieve himself and a drink of water.

(2) Have your doggy on a leash if you stop at a busy area or where he could get away or lost.

(3) Have a collar and ID tag on your dog at all times.

Traveling with dogs is an experience that can bring pleasure to the entire family. Have fun!

Photo source:stinkypalace.com