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Choose a healthy food for your dog

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This article will give you information on how to choose a healthy food for your dog. With the recent events surrounding the tainted dog food found in the grocery stores, more and more people are becoming concerned about the food they feed their dog. Dogs are similar to humans in the fact that the healthier they eat the better they will feel. Feeding your dog a healthy diet can also fix behavioral problems that your dog may be having.

There are basically three levels of dog food on the market

The first is the grocery store foods. These dog foods contain low quality, indigestible ingredients. These dog foods are the equivalent of junk food for dogs. They may be easy on the pocketbook, but they are not a healthy choice for your beloved pet.

The next level is the premium foods. These are still found in grocery stores and can be found in veterinarians offices. They are just a small step above the grocery store foods. They may contain a little higher quality of ingredients, but for the most part still contain a lot of artificial flavorings and fillers. However, they are a lot more expensive that the grocery store dog food.

The last level is the healthy dog found that can be found online or purchased straight from the manufacturer. These are formulated with real fruits and vegetables and whole grains and rice. They will also contain real meat as a protein source. The healthy dog foods should not contain artificial colors or other artificial ingredients. These foods are designed to give your dog a fulls day supply of vitamins and mineral in their natural form. You should expect to pay more for these foods due to the nature of the ingredients. The good news is that you will not need to feed your dog as much because the healthy foods are more nutrient-dense than other types of dog food.

If you really want to know what goes into to your dogs food, then consider making your own. There are plenty of healthy, dog food recipes online that you can get for free. Check with your vet for the best foods for your type of dog. Use only natural ingredients and introduce your dog to new dishes one at a time. Your dog may not be able to tolerate certain foods so its best to test each one separately.

Your dog is a very important member of your family. He depends on you for all of his nutritional needs. It is your job to make sure that he is given a healthy, well-balanced diet. You wouldn’t feed your children something that would harm them, so why feed it to your dog? Do your research and find the best dog health food for your dog.

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