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Holistic quality dog food
PETCO stores announced the launch of a new holistic dog food by Halo Purely for Pets®, which company is co-owned by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. PETCO will be adding this holistic dog food and cat food line to their stores nationwide this week.
PETCO is supporting the new products’ launch by offering 20% off to its P.A.L.S. members on purchases of all Halo products made from March 2 to March 23.

Holistic Dog Food

Halo expanded its signature recipe canned dog food with the introduction of lamb, beef …

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Latest holistic  herbal remedies for dogs
Many dogs owners worry greatly when their dog gets sick and just like with our kids we are up pacing the floors when our dogs are not quite their self. Some of the latest holistic remedies today are herbal and work excellent on dogs!
There are many benefits when using holistic herbal remedies on our dogs. Herbal remedies are excellent ways to help problems at home the natural way.
So here are a few herbal remedies that will help your dogs that we have used many times.

Herbal …