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Natural Dog Food ORIJEN

ORIJEN dog food is my favorite all natural dog food! ORIJEN dog food is high-protein, low-carbohydrate and grain-free with a Biologically Appropriate ratio of 70 percent meat, 30 percent fruit and vegetables and zero grain. ORIJEN’s high-protein formulas eliminate the need for grains (which are inexpensive but inappropriate energy sources), and as high-protein diets are naturally more satiating, dogs naturally consume less ORIJEN than they would any other commercial pet food.

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Latest holistic  herbal remedies for dogs

Many dogs owners worry greatly when their dog gets sick and just like with our kids we are up pacing the floors when our dogs are not quite their self. Some of the latest holistic remedies today are herbal and work excellent on dogs!

There are many benefits when using holistic herbal remedies on our dogs. Herbal remedies are excellent ways to help problems at home the natural way.

So here are a few herbal remedies that will help your dogs that we have used many times.

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Herbal remedies for dogs

Aloe Vera: This wonderful oil has been used over centuries as a natural healing medicine. Many soldiers have used this wonderful leaf to speed up the healing process; as I am sure many of your mothers did as well. Putting a little of the Aloe Vera in their drink will help with things like arthritis and digestive disorders: IBS, or upset stomachs.

Black Walnut: is used to help you de-worm your pet and get rid of fungal infections.

Peppermint oil: This great oil is good for your pet if they get upset because of thunder or are over active. This oil helps to calm your dog it is not recommended for use with cats. Simply apply to the feet of your dog.

Tea Tree Oils: are great for cuts and sores. This oil can also help with your dogs ear mites.

There are several forms of remedies that are good for your dog and 100% natural with little to no side effects. Remembering to research all herbal remedies before you use them on your dog is important. There are some remedies are not recommended for all pets. You want to ensure that you are applying each herb right. Keeping up with the latest remedies will ensure your pet stays healthy.