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Puppy dog requires obedience training

We often think of a happy family as a family of 4 two kids, a husband, and a wife that all live happily in their single family home with a white picket fence with their dog. Well life is not that short and sweet. Even though we wish it to be…we often have to live in the reality that things are not always that perfect.

So when you get a puppy you want it to listen to you. Getting a puppy dog to listen requires obedience training.

That sounds pretty simple but many times that is not always what we get so taking your puppy to a couple of obedience classes should help right? Traditionally yes…however Dog trainers are what they are cracked up to be these days and finding a trainer that works can sometimes be a chore we don’t want to continue. In the past many dog trainers have worked hard to get their certifications. Some trainers had to work side by side with animal handlers like breeders, groomers, or even veterinarians just to become qualified. This meant hours of pain staking handling of dogs some good, and some bad but hours just the same.

[caption id="attachment_1114" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dog Obedience Training"]puppy dog requires obedience training[/caption]

In today’s world the Dog trainers are being taught on the internet. They don’t receive the long grueling hours that their fellow trainers have in the past. So how do you know if you are getting a real hard earned trainer…hope! Just like the masses. You could ask to see their certification, ask how long they have been in this field, but it is much harder to know now then before.

What is Obedience training?

Well it is the learning of basic everyday commands dogs need to know.

They learn how to:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Down

These commands will teach a dog to listen in the event of traffic, or a guest arriving. However it should not be mistaken for full training. The dog’s attitude toward others might stay the same…so if you dog bits someone, or attacks you should be wondering whether or not the dog is good for the home.

Along with that cute, cuddly face is a lot of responsibility. As we love our dogs we should see that they are properly trained to the best of our ability. After all their safety is up to us and we owe them that much!

You may find dog obedience training helpful.

Photo source:bestinternetdogtraining.com

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Dog Clicker training noisemaker as a marker for behavior

Dog Clicker training is the conditioning of dogs with the use of a mechanical device known as the “Clicker”. This device helps re-enforce when your dog or puppy has done something correctly and a sort of reward for good behaviors. The struggle of training or conditioning dogs has been a concern for many centuries.

The “Clicker” training started as a way to call or communicate with dolphins and flying animals like pigeons. It was not used for such things as dog training. However the idea of using devices to help with commands in training has been around for quite some time; clicker training has become a growing fade. The use of clicker training has proven effective in the training of horses as well.

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There are a couple disadvantages of “Clicker” training such as the occasion for the dog to grow dependant on the “clicker” for show of good behaviors or the use in group settings can cause confusion in the dog trying to determine which clicker you are using. There are ways to wean your pet of the use of the clicker and it should only be used when you are teaching your dog new tricks or trying to re-enforce some older tricks.

The objective of training and teaching your dog tricks is always the same whether you use the clicker” a “whistle” or voice command” it is important to show reward when the your dog is showing good behaviors. Forming a bond with your puppy dog and showing them you are the “owner” and they are the “dog” will help with your effectiveness in training. Remembering to keep control while training and without will ensure that they will learn when they are being trained.

Clicker” training has been around since World War II it has been affective in training many animals including dogs and when done properly it can be a very affective tool with your puppy or dog!

Photo source:87australianshepherd.blogspot.com