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Puppy dog requires obedience training
We often think of a happy family as a family of 4 two kids, a husband, and a wife that all live happily in their single family home with a white picket fence with their dog. Well life is not that short and sweet. Even though we wish it to be…we often have to live in the reality that things are not always that perfect.
So when you get a puppy you want it to listen to you. Getting a puppy dog to listen requires obedience training.
That …

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Dog Clicker training noisemaker as a marker for behavior
Dog Clicker training is the conditioning of dogs with the use of a mechanical device known as the “Clicker”. This device helps re-enforce when your dog or puppy has done something correctly and a sort of reward for good behaviors. The struggle of training or conditioning dogs has been a concern for many centuries.
The “Clicker” training started as a way to call or communicate with dolphins and flying animals like pigeons. It was not used for such things as dog training. However the idea of …