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Puppies are babies keep a clean and secure house

Puppies are just as mischievous as babies. They are curious by nature and need to know the things that are around them. Many things we don’t think of can be dangerous for puppies so puppy proofing is not only good for them but is reassuring to us.

Here are some steps to take to make sure your home is safe for your new puppy:

  1. Make sure that all tiny things are off the floor: Puppies are known for chewing things or putting things in their mouth that are not food. Getting down to their level may sound strange but it will give you a better idea of what they see. Keep loose paper and sharp objects off the floor that can hurt them is a great first step.
  2. Make sure all poisonous things are put up out of the puppy’s reach: Remember that things that won’t hurt us can be very harmful to them. So it is important to keep the home very clean and free of loose debris. As well as putting up things like bleach, soap, oven cleaner, and even salt for the winter weather.
  3. Plants should be out of the puppies reach: Plants can be very harmful to them and puppies like to chew so making sure that it is out of their reach is also important.
  4. Plugs and electrical cords should be covered or removed from their reach: We all know that cords are dangerous to us and they are to the puppy as well. Placing covers on the cords and electrical sockets should be done to ensure their safety. Do not leave them unattended for any reason it only takes a minute for the puppy to get into something harmful maybe even fatal.

Remember that puppies are babies too and they are curious so anything you wouldn’t give your baby should not be given to the puppies. Buying toys and such for the puppies would help you out with the obsessive chewing but some puppies will try to chew anything they can get their teeth around and then some. Ensure their safety by keeping a clean and secure house for them to play in.