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Puppy Mills are puppy farm commercial dogs

Puppy Mills are place where puppies are breed for pure profit. The breeders house hundreds of dogs here so that they can produce more puppies to sell. There are many reasons why puppy mills should be band or eliminated. The puppy mills give the puppies very poor and in adequate care throughout their lives. If they are not sold they are kept as breeders.

When adequate breeders care for their puppies they provide the puppies with daily food and nutrition, grooming, medical care, exercise and give the puppies love and attention. If a puppy is not socialized when they are young they have a hard time adjusting to new situations. Puppy mill dogs are not shown the necessary amounts of attention from birth. If they are not sold by the age of 10 weeks they usually have no socialization skills. This would make them unable to be placed with a home safely. The puppies learn how to interact with others at this stage and can be mentally scared. Many also have severe changes in temperament when reaching sexual maturity since no social connection was made.

[caption id="attachment_1110" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Puppy Mills"]puppy mills dogs farm commercial dogs pet shop[/caption]

Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills!

Disadvantages of the Puppy Mills:

Puppy mills provide little food and water or may provide good amount some days and slack on others to save money.

Puppy mills keep puppies in overcrowded cages for weeks or months at a time.

Puppy mills don’t provide the puppies with adequate exercise on a daily basis (if ever)

Puppy mills don’t give the puppy’s adequate medical treatments-to save on expense.

Puppy mill dogs usually have many physical or mental defects as a result of their treatment and care. Puppy mill dogs are usually discarded when they no longer need them, or can not have anymore puppies to cut down on the costs.

Puppy mills provide horrible conditions and severely in adequate care for puppies. Stopping them and enforcing stricter punishments for such actions should be known on a wider scale. Contact your local shelter and see what you can do to help stop puppy mills!

If there is a puppy mill in your area and you have not been able to get any help, or if you can’t get local help for a situation, please contact the HSUS at stoppuppymills@humanesociety.org.

Photo source:dogpup.net