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Puppy training biting ideas

Getting a new puppy is by and large an exhilarating event for the whole family, but there are a lot of things you’ll have to teach it before it becomes a affable member of the family. Everything from when and where to go to the restroom, what to chew and not to chew, and what it is and isn’t okay to eat. Teaching vocal commands to a dog is also an essential part of its training. Still, out of all the things you’ll want to take care of during puppy training, biting is perhaps the most important. In this editorial, well take a look at why instructing your puppy not to bite (certain things) is important, as well as a few methods you can use to do so.

First you must understand, puppies are not callous spirited by nature. Nor are they vicious because they like to bite things in the house, other people or even you. What it boils down to is that they are rambunctious, and sometimes obnoxious. Biting and placing there mouths on things are customary behaviors for puppies. As humans when we want to examine something we usually feel the object. Well, puppies don’t have hands so they inspect things and their location with their mouths.

puppy dog training biting
Puppy Training Biting

Puppies are apt to bite everything they come into contact with, although some are worse than others. Retrievers such as Labradors tend to be quite gentle, and can even carry a raw egg in their teeth without breaking it. Some dogs need a little further help to be trained not to bite, and if it isn’t taken care of early on during puppy training, biting can increase to become a substantial problem. Some dogs that are either overly antagonistic or skeptical of people may bite someone and fatally hurt them, which never leads to a good result. Even if you want to use your dog as a means to defend your household and family, it needs to know that biting during play is not okay, and to be gentle with its teeth in general.

If you need puppy training biting ideas, then one of the most universal anti-biting methods may be able to help you. Take a toy or rope that your puppy likes to bite and chew and have the puppy try and get it. If its teeth only make contact with the toy, then continue to play with the puppy until it bites your skin (by accident or not). When its teeth touches your skin, stand up and turn around for ten seconds. If the puppy follows around to the side you are facing, take no notice of it and wait. Then continue play.

This is a great way to reduce the frequency of puppy training biting, and is an efficient means for showing your dog that biting, particularly during play time, is not okay. You can even use this approach to show it that it should be careful with its teeth.

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