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Ringworm skin disease in dogs

Ringworm in dogs is a highly contagious skin disease. A worm doesn’t cause this condition, although its name may suggest so. Instead, this disease is caused by fungus that lives in hair follicles.

Ringworm Cause

Dog ringworm can be caused by various species of fungus. This highly contagious fungi can be transmitted to other pets in your household. Your dog can also transmit the disease to you. You can also pass it on to your dog if you have the condition.

Ringworm Signs

Dogs don’t display any visible signs until two weeks after being exposed to the fungus. Hair begins to fall out in a round pattern as the hair shafts become weakened. Its also common for dogs to develop crusty or scaly skin.

Ringworm Diagnosis

[caption id="attachment_1778" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Ringworm in Dogs"]ringworm in dogs puppies playing[/caption]

Your vet will easily be able to tell if your dog has ringworm using a Woods lamp. Some species of fungus glow when exposed to this ultraviolet lamp. A hair sample can also be taken and monitored for fungal growth. However, fungus grows slowly, so this method of diagnosis can take weeks.

Ringworm Treatment

Ringworm in dogs can be treated various ways. One method involves using a special antifungal shampoo. This process will have to be repeated multiple times. If these are skin lesions, they can be treated using antifungal cream. This process usually lasts for about ten days.

A last treatment option for dog ringworm is oral medication. This form of treatment can last up to a month. The environment also needs to be treated to prevent reinfection. Its best for you not to use his collar, bedding, or grooming utensils again.

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