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Find a shelter dog or rescued dogs

Finding a puppy or dog today can be difficult. Though there are many stores available to purchase a pet you are not always sure where the animals come from, especially when many pet stores get puppies from puppy mills. If you would rather adopt a dog than opt for the designer pedigree dogs, you may find a shelter dog or rescued dogs fits right into your home and lifestyle.

When you adopt an animal like a dog from a shelter or dog rescue they find out all they can on the dog. Sometimes important information is not available for them so they keep records of their own while taking care of them. When a dog comes into a shelter they are examined, feed and properly watched. Before any animals are ready to be adopted they must also go through a series of tests to find out if they are socialized; to see If they can get along with the other animals and people without attacking.

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One major test conducted tests whether or not the dog has aggression. If the dog fails any tests it is usually put to sleep or (euthanized). It is said that 50% of shelter dogs are euthanized each year do to lack of homes or aggressive behavior. Some of the dogs come in with no chance of being saved because of the way they were mistreated they will not get the chance to have a family.

Choosing a shelter dog is a choice that will give you added security, support and confidence knowing that the dog will have a good temperament. Shelters provide you with adoption counseling, training classes to help you learn to handle the dog or puppy properly, as well as offer some medical services while you care for your dog.

There are several dogs that are abused each year many go unreported and are living in horrible conditions, not properly feed, or lack social skills. These dogs suffer greatly and need you to help them. When adopting a shelter dog you are giving them another chance at a life they should’ve had save a life and adopt a shelter dog!

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