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Do you need to train your dog? Maybe he gets into things he isn’t supposed to, like the trash. Or perhaps your dog isn’t housebroken yet. Even if your dog is relatively well behaved and fairly well trained – there could still be room for improvement. In other words, if you are a dog owner, there is always something you’ll need to work on. That’s why the book sit stay fetch is worth a look.

Lets face it. If you have a dog that means there’s ALWAYS something to work on. As a puppy they need to be house broken. As they get older, little things will begin to creep up. For example, your dog may suddenly develop a habit of barking at cars through the window. You know this needs to stop but maybe you aren’t sure exactly how. That is what sit stay fetch book is all about – it teaches you how to train your dog in the best possible way no matter what kind of training is needed.
Okay. By now you are probably wondering what sit stay fetch is all about. Daniel Stevens, a noted dog trainer, has put together a winning manual that will grow with you as you progress in your relationship with your pet.

In other words, a Sit Stay Fetch is the go to guide to use when you need to train your dog to do something, no matter how simple or how advanced it is. The program will help you adapt to the needs of your pet in a clear and easy to read step-by-step format. Once you read it you will be able to apply the steps to help you with things like obedience training and house breaking your pet.

You may think that training your dog is a common sense project. And in some ways, that may be the case. However, there are some things that cant be learned unless you have a lot of experience. Daniel Stevens has that experience and he teaches it to us in sit stay fetch book.

In fact, this system is actually a step by step course that is broken up into three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. So no matter which stage your dog is at, there will be step by step information to help you train your dog properly. Apparently, Stevens holds nothing back. This includes a detailed explanation on the dogs innate pack mentality and how to use that to help you understand your pet. Once you understand this aspect of your dog, it will help you train them more effectively.

The first part of the course is geared specifically towards people who have just gotten their first dog or are trying to figure out how to choose one, as well as training techniques for what to do when you do get your dog at first. As the book progresses, so does the information. Topics such as house training, training the dog to use the crate, getting them to stop barking at people, and training them to listen to you are also talked about.

The Sit Stay Fetch book does more than teach you how to deal with specific problems. It also gives you information on a variety of training techniques. For example, whispering isn’t just for horses. There is a dog whispering technique that is effective as well. Other techniques include praising your pet and using a clicker to help train them. Of course, that is only a small sampling of information.

Its not that the comprehensive nature of the course was all that surprising given Stevens experience. However, it was very much welcome. In fact, I didn’t expect the sit stay fetch book to also cover other topics like choosing a dog, nutrition, and the pack mentality of canines. At first, this may seem like extraneous information.

But, it isn’t really because all of this information is designed to educate you about your pet. The more educated you are the stronger your bond will be which will lead to more effective training.

The book is also well laid out and written in simple language. It is set up so that the information will be relevant no matter what your needs are. It even has different sections depending on your dogs age. It is a well thought out course that all dog owners will find helpful.

There are bonuses too which is also a plus. And if you think about the quality of the material plus the bonuses, the price is a real bargain. And if you think about it, you’re actually saving money. For example, obedience school can be expensive. Not only that, but some dogs actually destroy property. A good resource will help you train them faster, thus saving you the money and the hassle.

Hi, I bought the online book Secrets to Dog Training also known as sit stay fetch, because I have a big Guardian dog, and she was very aggressive to strangers in our house. I knew she could be trained because her mother was not aggressive. I got several good tips from the book as well as a personal email on how to correct her behavior.

It worked and she is now much much better. I am very pleased and satisfied I bought the book. Thanks a bunch Daniel for doing what you do.

Doug Cummins (Nebraska, USA)

My husband and I adopted Jack (a one year old male Pug/Chihuahua mix) three months ago from a shelter (we are his third home in a year) and to put it mildly he was 20 pounds of terror– dominate, nipping, chewing and also had separation anxiety issues. He quickly earned the name Jack The Nipper.

I read a couple of books about dogs behaving badly, but felt that I needed a step-by-step approach to correct Jacks unpleasant behavior. I researched the internet and came across sit stay fetch, which I quickly downloaded, printed and read in one evening.

I immediately started with the Alpha Dog lessons and got across to Jack that I am the Alpha Mommy. I had no idea that doing something as simple as making him sit before I put his bowl of food down would make a difference in how Jack viewed me.

Jack has made great progress. He has become confident, less anxious and likes to practice commands every day. We still need to work on a few areas, but its only been less than three months! Jack is much happier knowing that we are the pack leaders who protect, feed and love him.

I recommend sit stay fetch to everyone who has a dog as a companion. I have learned so much about dog behaviors and how to respond accordingly without yelling or intimidating. Thanks Dan for writing such a great learning tool!

Susan Caruso (USA)

Hi Daniel, Our Bichon, Jasmine, is a very friendly little dog who loves everyone she meets and shows it by jumping up on them. By following the instructions in your sit stay fetch, we were able to control her jumping.

Dr.Stanley Hyman (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

The training secrets in Sit Stay Fetch have been proven time and time again to work. So whats the catch? You have to follow the strategies taught in the book, many people fail because they never take action.

Many don’t have the will-power and desire to train their dogs. They think it takes forever and don’t actually realize that dogs learn VERY quickly when they learn to communicate with them properly… They get lazy and give up, rather than take on their dogs obedience training and achieve immediate results with their training.

If you really truly want a healthy well trained dog who will LISTEN to you wherever you go… if you want to be respected by other dog owners as someone who takes great care of their dog… then there is no doubt in my mind that Sit Stay Fetch will work for you.