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German Shepherd the fabulous dog breed

A few good facts about a wonderful breed of dog, the German Shepherd. What this dog requires from you by way of exercise, nutrition and health care is minimal compared to the loyalty and impressive capacity for protection he is willing to give in return.

They love human companionship and will respond quickly to his owners mood. They have a keen sense of humor and enjoy playful games yet in defense of those they love can become a frightening adversary that one would well advise to keep clear of. When bringing a German Shepherd into your life you are really making an addition to your family because he will quickly become a part of it.

When the time comes to train your German Shepherd, you must show kindness with a firm hand when you are teaching him his place with the society of his new family and you will receive total devotion from him. If trained by harsh methods, he may show obedience but do not expect extreme loyalty should you be attacked.

Since World War II the German Shepherd has gone from strength to strength and is now the worlds most popular breed. After their use during wartime, it was necessary to de-brief the German Shepherd Dog combatants from their military training to make them suitable for less rigorous peacetime pursuits. Even so, much of the military training they received was capable of being channeled into use in police canine corps.

The instincts of herding and protecting the defenseless that shepherds found invaluable in their sheep herding dogs of earlier times, are the same ones that make the German Shepherd Dog a fine family dog and protector of the masters domain.

Grooming is very necessary and important for all breeds of dogs. The German Shepherd is a dog of natural beauty and therefore it does not need the range of grooming equipment required by terriers or poodles, but nonetheless it is recommended that daily care be done for optimal health of the dog. Brushing daily keeps the coat in great condition and yearly when shedding is at its peak, extra grooming will be required to ensure that new hairs grow vigorously and this also prevents them from being shed all over your house. Bathing should only be done periodically, as this removes the natural oils from his coat.

With the increasing knowledge and care available, there is no reason why your dog should not live to a good old age. As the years go by he may need a little additional care. An excessively fat dog is not healthy, especially when he grows older, so limit the older dogs food accordingly. He needs exercise as much as ever, although his heart cannot bear the strain of sudden or violent exertion. Failing eyesight or hearing means lessened awareness of dangers, so you must protect him more than ever.

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All dog owners want the very best for the canine friend. This includes the nutritional needs of their dog. While most owners will spend the necessary amount of money it takes to purchase high- end quality dog food, others are not able to do due to constraints placed on their financial budget. For many in this situation, is a great option. Often generic dog food will not supply the necessary nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle. br /
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Because of this, one must purchase the more expensive, greater quality dog food to give their pet the best nutrition available. If you are a motivated dog owner, you may choose to make healthy homemade dog food. a href=http://www.squidoo.com/lensmaster/new_workshop/BESTDOGCHOWINFO target=_blankHealthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes/abr /
br /
By preparing your dogs meals at home, you know exactly what goes into each bite he takes. Nevertheless, creating homemade dog food is not for the faint of heart or for someone that is not willing to give a little extra time to secure their dogs healthy eating habits. There is a lot of time and research that must go into learning how to make homemade dry dog food. However, as with everything in life, once you master the process it becomes easier and quicker for you to prepare. a href=http://www.squidoo.com/lensmaster/new_workshop/BESTDOGCHOWINFO target=_blankHealthy Recipes For Homemade Dog Food/abr /
br /
To offer well rounded meals, you must provide digestible forms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These nutrients are required to be served in a balanced manner. One prominent canine diet is BARF. These initials represent different words depending on your opinion or web site, but they meet the same end point. One translation is bones and raw food, while the other is biologically appropriate raw foods. Whichever name you chose to call your homemade dog food, they both intend to achieve a diet similar to the ancestors of your dog. br /
br /
This diet will include raw whole foods, muscle meat, organ meat, bone, fat and vegetables. Through dedication and education, you can learn how to prepare healthy, satisfying homemade dog food for your dog. If you follow the BARF diet closely and your dog is able to tolerate this form of nutritional input, then there is little need to supplement his diet with any other forms of nutrients. If you feel like you want to, you can add fish oil or flax seed oil for essential fatty acids, yogurt for bacteria and /or kelp for trace elements. However, do not over supplement your dog. On the other hand, if you find that you have a fussy eater or a dog that requires special diets, you may need to further research supplementation.To begin this process one must create a nutritious feeding plan that will include all of the necessary elements of a healthy homemade dog food. Then you will need to set aside a few hours a week to prepare weekly meals. You will find that by offering this type of diet to your dog not only will he be getting a safer more nutritious diet, the ingredients necessary to provide this will cost much less than a high end dog food. a href=http://www.squidoo.com/lensmaster/new_workshop/BESTDOGCHOWINFO target=_blankHealthy Recipes For Homemade Dog Food/a

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So now that it’s summer, many people are looking to get their dogs(and themselves) more active. One topic that’s come up is Dog Agility Training. It’s a great way for an owner and dog to bond, through training and practice. I went in search of some rules to use when starting a href=http://www.examiner.com/x-4513-Chicago-Dogs-Examiner target=_blankdog/a agility training.br /
br /
1)Use the pet’s name after the command. This is a very helpful tool because not only does it get their attention, but it also lets them know that you want them to do something. If they are in the midst of doing the action required, their name keeps them focused.br /
br /
2)Always use patience and positive reinforcement, rather than anything close to punishment. It’s a dog training rule that punishments doesn’t really do a whole lot to get the right behaviors out of your animal. It’s better to focus on what they are doing correctly and encourage it.br /
br /
3)Use toys that teach as a precursor to Agility Training. Toys that require some maneuvering are great for your dog. Not only is he learning that behaviors get him rewards, he’s also working on focusing on that reward. He’s paying attention and learning to work until the job is complete.br /
br /
4)Work through every element of the obstacle course. Use jumping, poles, tunnels and ramps to round-out your dog’s training. If he’s particularly wary of one exercise, take time to work with him slowly at it. A lot of dogs are afraid of the tunnels. It may take some consistent encouragement from the other side of the tunnel to get your dog to go completely through, but be sure to shower him with praise when he does it.br /
br /
5)Never get angry on the course. Anger doesn’t work with dogs. It will only make them scared and unsure of what you really want. Be firm but be open with praise and encouragement. Use treats as rewards and verbal praises as extras. br /
br /
6)Once your dog is accustomed to the course, work on perfecting movements. For example, the weave around cones should be done at certain angles to cut down on time. This is something a dog new to the course won’t get yet, but after a few successful practice runs, it’s time to start working on details. br /
br /
7)Give commands before an object is reached. Let him know what exactly is going to be expected of him before you get to the apparatus. Your dog should be familiar with the element, but the command will only reinforce what he’s supposed to do.br /
br /
8)Remember to work with your dogs abilities. A puppy will need shorter training times. An older dog will need the same.br /
br /
9)Be sure to give your pet plenty of positive affirmations and plenty of water breaks.br /
br /
Agility Training is a great way to spend quality time with your a href=http://www.examiner.com/x-4513-Chicago-Dogs-Examiner target=_blankcanine/a and work up a sweat yourself!br /
br /
br /
For pragmatic advice about a href=http://www.arabian-affiliate.com target=_blankhome business/a – give a look to quoted publication.

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5 Signs You Do Not Need A Dog

This topic, 5 signs you do not need a dog, comes after I feel so heart broken seeing all of the dogs on classified sites and rescue sites. There are 1000’s of dogs and many owners have the same story as to why the dog needs a good home. I can not help but to think in the back of my mind these people must have no consideration for animals period.

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People selling puppies on the side of the road

Today while I was out running errands I happen to stumble upon two different people selling puppies in two different locations. A man was on the side of the road selling pitbull puppies and a lady was at Walmart selling Chihuahua puppies.

I was really bothered by the situation. It was 80 degrees here, the sun was beating down and these poor puppies were panting like crazy while their owners sat with signs saying puppies for sale.

puppies for sale dogs for sales
Puppies For Sale

I was actually appalled that Walmart allowed this woman to sit in front of their store selling dogs. Out of curiosity, I parked and went up to the lady with the Chihuahua puppies and began talking to her. Asking her questions that anyone who is looking to purchase a dog should ask.

Question OneHow much are these puppies? She took a deep breath and pointed at each dog and gave me a different price on each puppy.

Question TwoAre they all from the same litter? Yes, they are.

Question ThreeAre they registered? Well, mom and dad is registered but I did not feel like dealing with the paperwork to register the puppies.

Those were just three of the 50 questions I asked this woman.

I find it very odd she wanted different prices for each puppy in the litter, when they all had the same genetics. Regardless of color, if one pup is worth $500, they all should be. Any good dog breeder would agree that the price of a dog should not be determined by it’s color, rather it’s pedigree. So, this woman was basically trying to see the more desirable colors for more money simply because she knew people would pay her more and never question it.

Her answer to me about the paperwork was just plain stupid. It takes 5 minutes to fill out a litter application. So, I do not know who she thought she was fooling there. If her dogs were truly registered dogs, she would have done it, because obviously dogs with paperwork are worth more. Also, no good dog breeder would ever breed dogs without papers. Papers are very important to be able to track down genetic info on a dog. This is vital information for the sake of the pups long term health.

So, not only was she a liar trying to make a quick few hundred dollars she was not even trying to even act like a professional.

The problem I have with people selling dogs like this are….

1. It seems very unethical to me to sit outside of a store or on the side of the road trying to sell puppies.

2. When people sell dogs like this, they care less about the homes the dogs go to. Responsible dog breeders care about the homes they place dogs in and only sell dogs to people they feel are responsible and able to care for a dog for the span of his life.

3. The puppies never have saw a vet generally. Pups need to have shots on schedule and need a health check before they are sold or given away. Dogs without proper vaccinations can die. So, these people could be selling sick dogs.

4. These type of people should not be breeding dogs. Dogs should not be bred for the hell of it. Dogs should only be bred for the purpose of bettering the breed or for show/working. Not for the main purpose of quick money.

I admit I was livid! I actually called our local humane society and police department about it. I was told that there was no law preventing them from selling dogs on the side of the road! Shocked! How can that be legal?  Really, if I was on the side of the road selling shoes they would try and get me for not having a business licenses or not paying taxes. So how can people sell dogs on the side of the road and it be legal?

What do you think about this? DO you think it is ethical to sell dogs on the side of the road?

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Dogs fun dressing cute designer clothes

The Pet industry is a million dollar a year industry. There is a growing desire to purchase accessories for the pet much more so than in the past decades. You can currently get dog sweaters, luxurious dog beds and furniture, jewelry and pretty much everything you can purchase for yourself, including designer doggy apparel. We all want our pets to look and feel their best and purchasing special things for our dogs can make them feel like part of the family.

Designers like Paris Hilton who has lines especially for your doggy. These lines have everything but the kitchen sink quite literally. You can purchase items like the Paris Hilton Star Lily charm for a mere $30 or the Sparkle Bubble dress for $55 at retail price. The designers don’t stop there they also give you the decision on doggie gift baskets with full spa accessories including a towel and Body wash for the average pampered dog this treat also comes with a doggie bath robe.

[caption id="attachment_1139" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Dog fun dressing"]dog fun dressing costume puppy[/caption]

Though in the past we have considered our pet a part of the family many are going to extremes to ensure that they are well taken care of in many cases more then an average adult. The internet is scattered with literally thousands of sites sharing pet accessories. The items that are available for your dog’s are many giving our pets a major place in their average family functions. The purchase of a dog bed is on average between $30-150 dollars but if you are going designer: you will pay about $15-1700 dollars. The Beverly Hill Black and white bed is going now for over 1,700 dollars which is significant considering you can get a decent bed for a person for under $1000 dollars.

While a lot of us have trouble getting a grip on how this industry is a boom, many dog owners are purchasing these products and more for their fine furry friends and as long as the designers will make them there will be people to purchase them!

It is allot of fun dressing our dogs up in cute designer clothes, finding the perfect pair of dog boots, doogles (dog sun glasses) and having our dogs look their best!

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Puppy Mills are puppy farm commercial dogs

Puppy Mills are place where puppies are breed for pure profit. The breeders house hundreds of dogs here so that they can produce more puppies to sell. There are many reasons why puppy mills should be band or eliminated. The puppy mills give the puppies very poor and in adequate care throughout their lives. If they are not sold they are kept as breeders.

When adequate breeders care for their puppies they provide the puppies with daily food and nutrition, grooming, medical care, exercise and give the puppies love and attention. If a puppy is not socialized when they are young they have a hard time adjusting to new situations. Puppy mill dogs are not shown the necessary amounts of attention from birth. If they are not sold by the age of 10 weeks they usually have no socialization skills. This would make them unable to be placed with a home safely. The puppies learn how to interact with others at this stage and can be mentally scared. Many also have severe changes in temperament when reaching sexual maturity since no social connection was made.

[caption id="attachment_1110" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Puppy Mills"]puppy mills dogs farm commercial dogs pet shop[/caption]

Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills!

Disadvantages of the Puppy Mills:

Puppy mills provide little food and water or may provide good amount some days and slack on others to save money.

Puppy mills keep puppies in overcrowded cages for weeks or months at a time.

Puppy mills don’t provide the puppies with adequate exercise on a daily basis (if ever)

Puppy mills don’t give the puppy’s adequate medical treatments-to save on expense.

Puppy mill dogs usually have many physical or mental defects as a result of their treatment and care. Puppy mill dogs are usually discarded when they no longer need them, or can not have anymore puppies to cut down on the costs.

Puppy mills provide horrible conditions and severely in adequate care for puppies. Stopping them and enforcing stricter punishments for such actions should be known on a wider scale. Contact your local shelter and see what you can do to help stop puppy mills!

If there is a puppy mill in your area and you have not been able to get any help, or if you can’t get local help for a situation, please contact the HSUS at stoppuppymills@humanesociety.org.

Photo source:dogpup.net

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Dog Clicker training noisemaker as a marker for behavior

Dog Clicker training is the conditioning of dogs with the use of a mechanical device known as the “Clicker”. This device helps re-enforce when your dog or puppy has done something correctly and a sort of reward for good behaviors. The struggle of training or conditioning dogs has been a concern for many centuries.

The “Clicker” training started as a way to call or communicate with dolphins and flying animals like pigeons. It was not used for such things as dog training. However the idea of using devices to help with commands in training has been around for quite some time; clicker training has become a growing fade. The use of clicker training has proven effective in the training of horses as well.

[caption id="attachment_1107" align="aligncenter" width="292" caption="Training a dog with Clicker"]clicker dog training puppy training dog behavior[/caption]

There are a couple disadvantages of “Clicker” training such as the occasion for the dog to grow dependant on the “clicker” for show of good behaviors or the use in group settings can cause confusion in the dog trying to determine which clicker you are using. There are ways to wean your pet of the use of the clicker and it should only be used when you are teaching your dog new tricks or trying to re-enforce some older tricks.

The objective of training and teaching your dog tricks is always the same whether you use the clicker” a “whistle” or voice command” it is important to show reward when the your dog is showing good behaviors. Forming a bond with your puppy dog and showing them you are the “owner” and they are the “dog” will help with your effectiveness in training. Remembering to keep control while training and without will ensure that they will learn when they are being trained.

Clicker” training has been around since World War II it has been affective in training many animals including dogs and when done properly it can be a very affective tool with your puppy or dog!

Photo source:87australianshepherd.blogspot.com

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